Nobil Bio Ricerche

Surface treatment and biomaterials

Our company has been a major player for over 20 years of oral implantology, providing surface treatment of dental implants, analysis and studies on implant materials, research and development of new materials. It is based on a view of knowledge that puts on the same level of enormous and passionate interest the theoretical hypothesis, the preliminary lab test, the development stages and the practical making. Along this way Nobil Bio Richerche developed its path, as a Company that proposed, proposes and will continue to propose to their own costumer practical applications supported by solid knowledge base, always offering a core value to the sector.

Available online the last scientific paper about Synergoss

23 January 2018

Available online as Open Access article, the last scientific paper of Nobil Bio Ricerche “New collagen-coated calcium phosphate synthetic bone filler (Synergoss):A compartive surface analysis”, pu...

Nobil Bio Ricerche at the EAO in Madrid

21 September 2017

Nobil Bio Research will be present as exhibitor (stand B68) at the congress of the European Association for Osseointegration in Madrid from October 5th to October 7th. Synergoss bone filler and surfac...

National acknowledgement to Dr. Giorgio Iviglia, PhD, M.Eng., R&D department

18 September 2017

Giorgio Iviglia, biomedical engineer in Nobil Bio Ricerche R&D department, wins Paolo Durst 2017 PhD award established by the “Gruppo Nazionale di Bioingegneria”, with his thesis “DESIGN, DE...

Available online the last scientific review paper of Nobil Bio Ricerche

14 September 2017

Available online as Open Access article, the last scientific review paper of Nobil Bio Ricerche “Molecular signalling mechanisms behind polyphenol-induced bone anabolism”, by Dr. Elisa Torre, MSc ...

Nobil Bio Ricerche parteciperà a ECOMONDO 2016

3 November 2016

From Tuesday 8th to Friday 11, November Nobil Bio Ricerche will participate as an exhibitor at the 20th edition of Ecomondo. Thanks to research that for years the company leads in the recovery of wine...

Nobil Bio Research gives a talk at Basic Research session at the meeting of the European Academy for Osseointegration

16 September 2016

Dr. Marco Morra, from Nobil Bio Ricerche, will present the latest results of ongoing studies on innovative materials for bone regeneration on Friday 30 September at the Basic Research session of the E...

Nobil Bio Ricerche’s research presented at the World Biomaterial Congress 2016 at Montreal

10 April 2016

The studies conducted by Nobil Bio Ricerche on an innovative material for bone regeneration will be presented at the prestigious headquarter of the 10th world congress on biomaterials, which will be h...

Clinical study on dental implants with hyaluronic acid nano-coating has been completed

1 December 2015

It has been completed at the Universty of Pavia, the study of Nobil Bio Ricerche on the first clinical application of dental implants in titanium with bio molecular coating. The study is an important ...

The European project MOZART has begun

20 November 2015

With a kick-off meeting held at the Politecnico of Turin, the research project MOZART (MesopOrous matrices for localiZed pH-triggered releAse of theRapeuTic ions and drugs) financed by the European c...

Expansion of Nobil Bio Ricerche headquarters

28 October 2015

To meet the growing needs of production and research, Nobil Bio Ricerche has given white flag for the construction of the headquarters’ expansion. Following its technological vanguard calling, the n...

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