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Nobil Bio Ricerche philosophy is to think at implant devices surfaces as the contact point between two Worlds that need to communicate. For this reason, we research and work to develop a common language, that would allow information exchange between implant devices materials and cells&tissues that host  them in the body. Roughness, chemical composition, surface immobilization of specific molecules, drug-release, become the tools used by the device to communicate with the basic component of the host tissue, the cells, and to direct their behavior: implant devices surfaces as an active interface with cells is the key-philosophy of Nobil Bio Ricerche, a philosophy that overtakes the classical inert and mechanical approach and calls into action new biotechnological knowledge applied to materials.

This vision is implemented in the surface treatment and packaging of dental implants, through approaches aimed at cell stimulation and prevention of unwanted side-effects, by careful chemical and biological cleaning of implant; through the development of innovative treatment and materials, based on the control of interfacial cell behavior; through a continuous research activity on the cell-implant interface, backed by in-house specific analytical and in vitro facilities

Nobil Bio Ricerche goal is to play as an active and driving force in the biotechnological revolution of implant devices


Nobil Bio Ricerche builds on sound scientific foundation.

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02 September 2013
Nobil Bio Ricerche supports the project Volley DOC – we grow
In our view growth is the result of talent and planning. This principle is at the basis of the project Volley DOC- we grow, by Asti Volley and In Volley Cambiano ( Nobil Bio Ricerche supports  this project, because it reflects the growth of many  customers of ours, obtained by sharing huge planning efforts

30 July 2013
Clinical study on biomolecular surface modification of dental implants is going on
Our clinical study on an innovative approach to biomolecular surface modification of dental implants, supervised by of PI Prof. Ruggero Rodriguez y Baena, is going on at the Dentistry Section (Dir. Prof. Silvana Rizzo) of the Dept. of Clinical-Surgical, Diagnostic and Pediatric Sciences of the University of Pavia

21 March 2013
Simposium “Composite and biomimetic materials” at Bioindustry Park in Colleretto Giacosa
A symposium on “Composite and biomimetic materials" will be held at Bioindustry Park, Colleretto Giacosa ( on April 4th 2013. Dr. Marco Morra, from Nobil Bio Ricerche, will give a talk on "Surface chemistry and beyond: evolving scenarios of surface treatment of dental implants". Information and registration can be found at:

11 February 2013
Clinical study on a novel surface treatment of dental implants starts
The appointed ethical committee just approved the clinical study aimed at the evaluation of the efficacy of a novel process of surface modification of dental implants developed by Nobil Bio Ricerche. The study, that will start with the enrolment of the first patients in the next few weeks, involves for the first time a biomolecular modification of the implant surface. It is part of the internal development project: Perimplantitis: a global materials approach. Initial results will be available within about one year

3 January 2013
2013 A year of major innovation
2013 is going to be a year of major innovations at Nobil Bio Ricerche, more and more involved with novel surface treatments of dental implant devices. A number of novel approaches are under investigation and a range of projects are going to start, leading Nobil Bio Ricerche to an increase of its offer of innovative treatments and materials

10 October  2012
Tests concluded on innovative surface treatments for implants in osteoporotic bone
The release of the test report concluded the section of investigation jointly performed with Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli on novel surface treatments for implant devices in osteoporotic bone. In this study Nobil Bio Ricerche tested the efficacy of several novel approaches to the surface modification of implant devices in pathologic bone. The interesting findings obtained are at the basis of future applications

23 May 2012
Nobil Bio Ricerche at Euromedtech 2012
Nobil Bio Ricerche is part of the delegation of Piedmont Life Sciences companies that will present their activity at Euromedtech 2012, Grenoble (F), 31 May-1 June. Before company presentations, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin will present an introduction to Piedmont and a quick overview of the bioPmed cluster

2 May 2012
Dr. Daniele Bollati new member of the bioPmed Coordination Committee
Nobil Bio Ricerche's Dr. Daniele Bollati is among the new members of the coordination committee of  bioPmed, the Piedmont Life Sciences cluster. The Dr. Bollati commitment underlines the company confidence on the important role played by the Piedmont biomedical innovation hub


Recent publications

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